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Empathic Essay as Leila

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Empathetic essay

The feeling of love itself is pure, serene, and peaceful in a way that nothing else can be. I’m relatively new to such an intense feeling, and I’m probably not even in love, if I go in accordance to what people usually believe. They say it is impossible to be in love at such a tender age, its just mere infatuation. But I for one am genuinely convinced to believe otherwise. I’ve never felt like this before, its that gut feeling, that intensity when he looks at me, the adrenaline just pumping every time I even think of him. Every atom of my being wants this to last, this numbing feeling of being completely awestruck and captivated by someone’s presence. I find peace and perfection in this delusional, miserable, magical feeling of being in love.

Then of course there's that nauseating paranoia, that’s been haunting me and keeping me from feeling this way about anyone for a while. But this guy, he’s a real charmer, he's the exception. Or so I’d like to think so. I'm not afraid for the first time with trusting him completely, when it comes to my feelings, every flaw, every secret, all of my love – even if I get hurt somewhere down the line, I have this gut wrenching, almost guilty feeling that it'll be worth the little time I could call him mine. I tried not to fall, but he tripped me. As intoxicating as this feeling is and as much as I wallow in it, somewhere its being sadistically crippled by the dictums of one grumpy fat man who's probably, or hopefully one of the few men who had no luck with love, or simply just didn’t find the one. His ego can so effortlessly shatter any young girls idea of love. It’s most definitely hampered this experience for me, causing me to constantly question and suspect the motives of the object of my affection.

And as I think about it, that evil little man infects my head more and more with such corrupted, dark thoughts that completely contradict what I want to believe love is. Does every man simply forget the...


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