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Pick on Someone Your Own Byte Size

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Adam Trevino
ENG 102
Mr. Tackett
29 November, 2011
Pick On Someone Your Own Byte Size
Everyone can remember their playground days in elementary school. The sun would be shining rays of light that fed children energy to go out and run some of the restlessness out of their legs. The grass was as green as the lilypad colored crayon you were just using in class to draw another picture worthy of the refrigerator door. You would feel the slight breeze blowing across your face and through your hair keeping you cool on some of those warmer days. Or how about that red, rubbery ball (that was never really inflated all the way) you got to take out to the field so you and your friends could play a game of kickball, can you remember that? If you can then you might also remember that bully who always came around right in the middle of your game and took the ball right out of your hands, called you a hurtful name or said something to bring you down, and then walked off as him and his friends laughed and made of you some more.
We would all like to believe that bullying stopped after grade school, but unfortunately a new form of bullying is rising throughout the nation that goes on after school is over and harder to prevent. The form of bullying I am talking about is cyber bullying, a way for teens and kids to get on chat room or online social websites and say nasty things about somebody, sometimes even anonymously, making it hard to monitor or prevent. The shame of feeling like an outcast on these sites really affects the victims of cyber bullying as a large number of committed and attempted suicides have occurred because of the continuous harassment carried out on these websites. In order to stop the continuing trend of cyber bullying we, as a society, must inform children and young teens about the wrongs of bullying others, that there are consequences to their words they post, and we must also inform parents about ways to monitor their child’s activity on the internet in...


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