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A Sacrifice Means to..

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A sacrifice means ‘Forfeiture of something highly valued for the sake of one considered having a greater value or claiming.’ There are great differences between the ones made by the rich and the ones made by the poor. Sacrifices made by the rich are usually money bound and are given just for the sake of publicity but the sacrifices made by the   poor are usually love bound which cannot be controlled by any other powerful means as it is totally strong to be detached. For example a rich as well as a poor family can sacrifice old clothes or some money to the unfortunates. The only difference between the two is that the rich family has given due to the cause of having large sums of money and the poor family in spite of being in the lower section has given genuinely to those who are far behind them.
The sacrifice my family has done:
My parents always fused the thought of sacrificing the maximum of your limits to the poor or the less fortunate into me from my young age. So always for my birthday I had the habit of visiting a cloth shop two weeks before and selecting the best dress of the lot which looked fabulous on me. I buy it on my own savings. Then on my birthday I would go to the nearest orphanage centre and give that dress to the unfortunates. This is a routine process annually done both by my parents and myself.


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