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How Far Did Nicholas 1 Reform Russia

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Nicholas 1 divided his government into five sections, in aim to make his system absolutely autocratic. His first section was responsible for all administration and promotions of all important positions in the empire. His second section of law was Responsible for the codification of all of Russia’s laws into a single document. His third section of secret police Responsible for the internal security, gathering information and intelligence about the Empire and the identification and arrest of revolutionaries and the monitoring of all ideas in the Empire. The fourth section was for monitoring what schools and universities were allowed to teach. The fifth section was responsible for investigating possible reforms for the conditions of the serfs aiming to defuse discontent, not necessarily to improve the quality of life for the peasants.
These reforms were solely designed for enabling the tsar more power, which generally made life worse for the people of Russia. Nicholas was known as the absolute autocratic ruler as can be seen by his form of government.
People   weren't too happy with Nicks autocratic way in which his reforms were very much based around. So as an attempt to appeal the masses he tried to change a few things that would maybe make him be respected better by the Russia people. Some of the things he introduced to address the chance of peasant revolt were the reconstruction of currency, he simplified a few laws and passed a Factory Act that specified minimum working conditions for urban workers. He also improved the lives of serfs up to a certain extent as again trying to avoid revolt. He did this by stopping the masters of the serfs selling them off and moving them about and also giving the serfs there chances to buy freedom for themselves.
Then came stage in Nicks life which is known as "The Last 7 Years". These 7 years were probably 7 of the worst years Nick could of ever had as a leader. To start there were rebellions sweeping Europe which increasing...


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