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The Loss of a Loved One

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The Loss Of A Loved One
  I see her standing across an untraveled, cobblestone road not far from me. Neither of us are able to cross this road. She's dressed in white and she smiles. Her eyes communicate with me that she is happy and at peace. All is well.
        I would imagine that nobody really knows how they would cope with the death of someone you were really close to until it actually happens. On, September 16th, 2009, my Grandmother died. It had a very big impact on me as I was very close to her from my earliest childhood memories all the way up to a few days prior to her death. She was here with me just a month before she died. First, I received the call from my Mother telling me that Grandma died, I didn’t know what to think. It almost seemed unreal at first, as if to say, “No, she’s fine.” in my head. Shortly after the call I was on my way out the door and off to school.
  It has been 3 years since my Grandmother passed away. An accident that ended a life not yet fulfilled. She had a few ups and a lot of downs and now it was over. No happily ever after. I felt numb. I was literally in shock. It did not seem real. Then the following day it sunk in hard. The next few days were filled with sorrow and reflection on her life. I would take walks out in a nearby field while walking my dog. I prayed for answers to many questions. In my search to seek heavenly understanding, I found my answer in a dream I had as described above. It was so simple but had been hard to see with so many questions clouding my mind.
    The loss of a loved one will leave you feeling empty inside. As if the world will never be the same again and nothing will ever be able to heal your pain. The Truth is that time heals all wounds and the world keeps on going as if nothing happened. When I first lost my Grandma, the last thing I wanted to hear from anyone was that it would get better as time continued. During the service, people gravitated to me slowly to check to see how I was...


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