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How to Live

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Mehrshad Fadaei Hosseini Eulogy Feb 27, 2011

Mehrshad. He was a good human being. He was always there for his family & friends, no matter what the situation could be. He gave respect to those people who showed respect back to him as well. Not only was he a gentlemen, he was academically approved. He was a certified doctor for most of this life, till he retired in the beach shores of Miami. He had a family that loved him for who he was, plus what he provided his wife and kids with food, clothes, a roof over there head. Everything they desired.

He was born in Toronto, in the Jane and Finch location. Mehrshads background was Persian with both of his parents fully Persian, his mom would be Mahshid and the father, Mehrdad, including his sister Melika who is younger then Mehrshad by 8 years. He loved where he lived. Bathurst and steels, is where he became who he was, all the good and bad days he went through. I quote,   Best 11 years of my childhood growing up, what Mehrshad said months before he passed away. He would always tell me about the memories he had in the schools he attended all in the distance of 10 minutes of where he lived as a child with his parents. I remember him telling me he would sometimes just walk in the playground where he used to play during lunch time and recess time to reminisce long after he finished school of course.

Mehrshads personality was the type where you were comfortable to ask him anything, if anyone ever needed something they always came to him for help. He wasnt a very social person but not to the extent of staying home all the time. He always hung out with one group of friends. I can still see it in my head one lunch time when Merhsahd told the group he decided to become a doctor, first thing the guys and myself replied with was laughter. But he didnt let our laughter get the best of him, he was dedicated to be what he wanted to make his parents proud and be successful.

His accomplishments were pretty clear with...


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