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Sick Cycle Carousel Essay

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Sick cycle carousel Essay
“Sick Cycle Carousels” lyrics hold an important message. It conveys emotions of regret and shame using figurative language to influence the listener. Important substance can be drawn from its text with a deep meaning that will influence the reader with diverse emotion throughout the song.
There are many indications that the song is about drugs and addiction in the lyrics. The line “keep spinning around I know that this won’t stop till I step down from this for good “is giving the idea of a person trapped in an addiction. They are constantly becoming more and more addicted and know that it will not stop until they give up their drug. There are more connections to be found in the title, “Sick” referring to the side effects of some drugs, “Cycle” is often used to define something   that keeps going and is difficult to stop such as a carousel, which implies him as an addict not being able to stop using. He later voices trying to escape “I tried to climb your steps I tried to chase you down” the addiction he is trying to climb above then he tries to target it –or chase.
The message in the song is relatable to myself and my past experiences. The lyrics in “Sick Cycle Carousel” remind me of a time I felt as though I were trapped in a situation. I had taken something from one of my friend’s houses by accident after a sleepover. I felt shameful immediately. I remember feeling trapped because if I told her she would think I was a thief. This relates to the story because another angle to him being trapped is that maybe he didn’t want to let people know that he was an addict even if he was an addict even if he was. I resolved it in the end by coming out and telling my friend. The person in the song could have also resolved his situation this way by telling someone and being able to get help.
Forms of figurative language are used by Life house to encourage the viewer to think more deeply about the meaning of the song. “I tried to climb your steps”...


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