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Why Evolution Is Illogical

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Camaron C.

What is the chance of flipping a coin a 400 times and it landing on heads every time?   The chance is 1 in 2400 or less than 1 in a hundred billion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion.   It is far more likely than the average bacteria forming on its own. The thing is people teach that a bacterium did so. Even worst they teach that somehow that bacteria created every living thing on the planet slowly over billions of years. This is the theory of evolution, which is based on assumptions, conjecture and misused “evidence” and is not grounded in logical science. In fact it goes against the very nature of scientific study by attempting to prove an inclination correct by ignoring observation and fraudulently using experiments. The theory of evolution is a mathematical implausibility that is makes no logical sense and is statistically and fundamentally impossible.

One of the smallest bacteria ever discovered Mycoplasma hominis H39 contains over 600 types of proteins. Proteins are organic compounds consisting of large molecules composed of one or more amino acids. There are 20 different amino acids that exist in living cells. When strung together, various numbers of these 20 amino acids form proteins. In nature amino acids appear in both right- and left-handed varieties. Proteins require the left-handed variety only. A small protein needs about 200 amino acids arranged in a specific order. The assembly of these by chance is impossible because amino acids don’t link together naturally every one of the perfectly arranged amino acids would have to be of the left-handed variety or the protein would be rendered inoperable.
According to Dr. James F. Coppedge “Dr. Harold J. Morowitz of Yale University has done extensive research for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to discover the theoretical limits for the simplest free-living thing which could duplicate itself, or, technically, the minimal biological entity capable of...


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