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Hitler: the rise of evil
The saga of the rise of Hitler is that of a frenzied and preposterous ambition that plunged the entire world in brutal war for almost a decade. Only an army corporal in World War-I Hitler rose through the ranks and his thirst for power was only quenched after he ascended to the post of chancellor of Germany 15 years later. 
His rambling and immensely emotional autobiography, Mein Kampf reveals everything about his noticeably unstable early life. Hitler was born Adolf.G.Hitler in Austria. His father wanted him to study for a government job, but the thought of slogging in an office made Hitler sick. He yearned to be an artist and practiced water colour painting, but he achieved little. Later on, he approached the Vienna Art Academy but he was rejected and labeled “untalented”. Failure dogged him.
All these humbling experiences flamed his discontent for his “patchwork country”-Austria. He looked across the border to magnificent Germany flourishing with an unending flow of wealth and blooming with unhindered development. Hitler's hatred of poverty, his rabid and radical devotion to his German heritage, and his bigoted loathing of Jews combined to form the seeds of his later successful political doctrine. Hitler left “wretched” Vienna for Munich, a “true German town.” There he drifted from job to job as carpenter, architect's draftsman, and watercolorist. Always he ranted about his political ideas. 
During World War-I he gave up his Austrian citizenship and enlisted himself in the German army. He was a remarkably brave soldier and his unflinching gallantry won him the Iron Cross.Unfortunately, for him Germany was defeated and he landed up in an infirmary temporarily blinded my mustard gas. Having renounced his Austrian citizenship and yet to become a German citizen Hitler was now a man without a country.
In the aftermath of the war Munich was caught in a political tirade. Officers like Hitler were used as political spies. This marked the...


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