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With the development of economy comes the advancement of technology, in which information era predominates. Nowadays, there is more and more news available in the world. People, however, cannot properly deal with the advanced technology. Many of them tend to exploit the news for their selfish purposes. therefore misleading information is generated. In this contect, a question is often raised: In order to be well-informed, must a person get information from many different news sources? My answer, based on the conflict of truth and greed of people, is that we need to get information from many different sources.

In order to make fortune,a person may use information as his or her own good. Honestly, the greed of people sometimes encroaches their conscience and lead them to spread wrong information. To illustrate, let us consider a small example of wrong news of festival. Many people know the real date of mother's day. Some, however, due to a lack of common sense or busy schedule, often forget about the genuine date. Consequently, they cannot discern when some websites publish some misleading information. In order to sell out flowers, a website called renren in china, surprisingly, mistyped the date of mother's day deliberately, causing numerous people buy flowers several months earlier. In this case, the website finally decieve others by providing   wrong information. Having being tricked, people have nothing to do about it. Nevertheless, if they check this very information on other websites or ask other people about it, they will not be deceived. One point we can derive from the example is that people must get information from many different news sources in order to be well-informed.

Moreover, due to political purposes, some information is polished or distorted.
To be specific, some countries tend to purify their history and wash people's mind in order to boost the patriority of people and strengthen the stability of society. There is, perhaps, no example more...


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