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Diabetes Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus, or Diabetes for short, is the fastest growing long term disease affection millions of people worldwide. It is a serious life-long disease where glucose levels in the blood are higher than the average human caused when the body cannot produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that moderates the blood level. Diabetes affects the process of how the body uses blood sugar. Glucose is significant since it is “the main source of fuel”. There are several different reasons why diabetes develops. Most common causes are obesity, family history, age, or ethnicity. Diabetes occurs in several forms, but the major types of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 can occur at any age, but is mostly diagnosed in children, teens, and young adults. Because of this, it is often called “Juvenile Diabetes.” The symptoms for Type I diabetes are frequent urination, extreme thirst and hunger, unusual weight loss, and exhaustion. Diabetes is a serious issue and put a person’s life at risk if they don’t manage a positive lifestyle. It could lead to many other serious problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, hearing loss, and ketoacidosis. Living with type I diabetes can be fairly easy by handling the recommended components such as exercise, healthy diet, controlling the levels of sugar, and daily insulin injections. Although living with this type of illness is challenging, a person has the capability to do normal things that anyone can do.

Type 2 diabetes is very similar to Type I. However, Type 2 puts the person at higher risk. Type 2 diabetes was once known as non-insulin dependent or adult-onset diabetes. It makes up of most diabetes cases. People with type II diabetes could either have pancreas that does not produce the necessary amount of insulin or does not respond to insulin. This condition is called insulin resistance. Without insulin, glucose cannot go into the body’s cells. Glucose will expands that will cause...


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