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Remembering My High School Life

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Remembering my High School
A pleasant afternoon to all of you!
This is the first time that I am going to have a speech in front of a hundred people who others happen to be close to me and others not yet. Others who know me by my name and others that really know who I am, I do not think my best memory of my life has approached me yet. However, I feel my high school years have been the most memorable. As of now, High school was the most memorable and unforgettable part of my existence. I just wanted to share this to you “life does not peak in high school”. High school that full of struggles and hindrances that make me even stronger all the time that I faced it and don’t ever let it ruined my life.   A walk to remember, Way back in my high school days, I was always wishing and wanting to be in college, because I thought high school was boring and also because I want to take the course I’d really want to be as my profession in life. When I turn first year high school, I started to have cutting classes, I always wanted to go home, and I’m always encouraging my friends to roam around. Yah! I know that I was a bad influence, but I didn’t know and I didn’t care to what others going to think as long as they didn’t know the reason why. I don’t know what came up to my mind to do such crazy and stupid things. My parents? Ahm! That time they were so manipulative and authoritative, and it is the reason why I did not enjoy my childhood, so when I turned high school I start to rebel. As my parents get busy to their work I took advantages of it. I’d do everything and anything I’ve wanted and I was curious about. I thought I was lucky that time because other teachers not checking the attendance so I’m safe every time I missed the classed.
I turned second year. I became a sophomore student even though I’m always absent. My second year in high school, Ahm! A little change because of my kind and considerate teacher, I am always present to her subject because I like her and somehow...


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