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Mysterious Benedict Society Analysis

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Book Analysis
Have you ever doubted yourself? In novel The Mysterious Benedict Society written by Trenton Lee Stewart, Reynie, who is an orphan living at the Stonetown Orphanage, learns that no matter what, he has to believe in himself. In the beginning, Reynie walks to a building called Monk Building on Third Street in a small city called Stonetown to take a test that offers special opportunities. Test after test, Reynie answers every single question correct, and figures out every challenge and puzzle he faces. Along the way, he meets Kate Wetherall who was abandoned by her father when she was two, Sticky (A.K.A. George) Washington, who is a runaway. Soon, they meet one final challenge; the maze. It is a maze of dark rooms that you can only find the way out of if you follow the yellow squiggly arrows in each room. They meet Milligan, who had his memory wiped recently, Rhonda   an African-American working for Mr.Benedict, and Number Two an assistant of Mr.Benedict who never sleeps. The children soon meet the narcoleptic Mr.Benedict and a small, grumpy girl named Constance. Mr.Benedict assembles the children into a team which he sends to the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened (L.I.V.E.), which is full of traps. Once there, the children must discover the plan that the founder of this institute, Leopathra Curtain (or Mr.Curtain) who is using children to send messages to people‚Äôs minds through radio and TV transmissions. The children discover that Mr.Curtain also plans to use the same device to send messages to wipeout memories with the press of a button, so he can trick innocent people into believing that he is in control. Reynie and Sticky become messengers, children who whisper the message, just soon enough, because after they have their whispering sessions, Mr.Curtain will have recorded all of these messages on The Whisperer, his messaging device. Sticky and Reynie manage to resist the whisperer just long enough for Constance to arrive and use her...


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