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No Field of Study Can Advance Significantly Unless It Incorporate Knowledge and Experience from Outside That Field.

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103 The best ideas arise from a passionate interest in common place.

Exactly interest engender the best idea. As we all know: “ the interest is the best teacher” .Great curiosity not only can exert strong driving force when involved with study , but also give human a keen eye to uncover the extraordinary from common place.
The identification of the structure of DNA molecule is one of the most magnificent discovery in 20th century. Francis Crick ,who earned his bachelor degree of physics , turned to study biology and became part of an important migration of physical scientists into biology research. In 1953, He and other scientist discovered the the double helix model of DNA by utilizing the X-ray diffraction. Soon he turned his interest in to the biological implications of the structure and published his marvelous statement “the precise sequence of the bases is the code that carries the genetical information” ,which laid the foundation for molecular biology. Just the great interest in biology stimulated him to become a major part of the biology study and encouraged him to be more daring to challenge the daunting problem of biology.
Another example ,the great success of Apple ,which is indispensable to Steve Paul Jobs’ fond of Electronics since he was young, also demonstrates the essence of interest. Because of obsessed with electronics ,Jobs was a demanding perfectionist ,who always aspired to position his businesses and their products at the forefront of the information technology industry by foreseeing and setting trends, at least in innovation and style.
There are many explanations to stress the best ideas with interest. The motivation is most obvious, which is the fundamental part to one’s study . When people are interested in a field ,there always is continuously energy make them dig deeper and propose something innovative and creative.


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