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The Window

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“The window” this story is about two men, they both seriously ill, in the same small room of a great hospital. In this small room, it had one window looking out on the world. One of the man, he can sit up in bed an hour in the every afternoon. So he can look out of the window. Other man he can’t sit up in the bed, he had to lie down on his bed all day. Every afternoon, the man next to the window was propped up for his hour; he would pass the time by describing what he could see outside. He said outside has a park, and many funny things happened at the park everyday. When that man died, other man found, in fact, outside just a blank wall.
  In our life, many people when they are seriously ill, they will lose hope, feel no joy of life all day. In this story, the man next to the window he not only gave himself hope, he gave other man hope. He was optimistic. He knew he would die, but he didn’t give up. He tries to make his life more colorful. In our life, not many people have such this mentality. So, this story gives us a lot of enlightenment.
  In this story, author want to tell us, attitude is everything. I agree with the author. I think when we are in trouble; we should have an encouraging attitude. Attitude is most important thing in our life. Different attitude will make different life. Let’s keep optimistic attitude to face our life!


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