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How Many Types of Crusher Portable There Are?

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The crusher portable is also known as mobile crusher and crusher mobile. Portable crusher is often used in such sites where the production places are not fixed, such as highway, railway and the waste crushing plant. According to the different materials to be crushed, different equipment can be equipped on the crusher mobile such as replacing the jaw crusher with impact crusher. But do you know hoe many kinds of mobile crushers there are?

The types of crusher portable are as follows:

1. The mobile crusher can be divided into the open and underground two kinds big.The history of the underground mobile crusher was only 10 years, at present is still in the experimental stage.

2. Portable crusher itself has to walk on his own. By the way of walking, rail wheel, wheel, crawler, step type.Rail wheel is first appeared in a way, its carrying capacity and the operation is not affected by climate conditions, but climbsLimited capacity is small, mobile Angle, thus the range is small, tyred is suitable for the road surface solid (0.4 - to ground pressure.. 9 mpa), often need to move, equipment weight can be more than 1500 t, road slope of up to 10%, walking at the rate of 200-1 ooom/h, one of the electric drive for 700-1000 m/h, hydraulic drive is 200 m/h. Each tire to separately, mobile flexible. Walking mechanism has compensation mechanism, in order to improve the adaptability of surface roughness.Crusher operation, all weight are role in supporting legs, tires don't load.Videotapes, hydraulic lifting gear lift leg, from the ground.

3. crawler portable crusher (http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/mobile_crusher.html): travel mechanism structure on the surface roughness of strong adaptability, low over the ground pressure (about tyred l / 3), walking speed is low (about tyred l / 3). Road slope can reach 10%.At present, the two crawler walkingCarrying capacity has reached more than 1 ooot, crawler walking mechanism, there are two new development. One is using...


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