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Corn Deep Processing Products Can Suppress Tumor Growth

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Corn deep processing believes that from a health point of view, if people eat far more corn deep processing products, they will benefit a lot. Corn deep processing products contains large amounts of leucine and glutathione, especially in the coarse grind of cornmeal. This can inhibit the side effects of anticancer drugs on the human body and inhibit tumor growth. Because glutathione can grow like shackles locked as carcinogens , loss of toxicity will eventually excreted .

China's largest grain and oil companies COFCO Fortune launched a new generation of corn oil . As a new product of corn deep processing products, the new COFCO Fortune corn oil is its biggest highlight of all the raw materials from the world's second largest gold corn belt - located in the core region of northeast China's corn , and the State Administration of Grain oil technical Support Engineering Research Center and the national Engineering Research Center of corn deep processing of the two authorities , the product is rich in phytosterols, linoleic acid, vitamin E and other 18 kinds of nutrients needed by the body to fully meet the needs of modern nutrition and health .

Through close cooperations, the experts point that, the new golden corn oil on the basis of high-quality raw materials , can access to the leading technology breakthrough scientific research applications. High-quality corn germ is extracted without genetical modification, using press technology to maximize retention corn oil in a variety of natural extracts, in which only phytosterols has content of 13000ppm, and phytosterols of an active ingredient in plants. It has many physiological functions , including most notably the cholesterol-lowering effect, other studies show that plants sterols have an important role in tumor suppression , prevention and treatment of heart disease , cancer , immune function, and so , by the scientific community as the " key of life ."

Corn and corn deep processing products contain a lot of...


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