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Song of Roland

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Western Civilzation


“How does The Song of Roland exemplify the chivalric ideal of knights during                               Charlemagne’s rule?”

In the Song of Roland, ideal characteristics of a knight are identified mainly with having skill as a horseman and fighting on the battlefield. A knight was suspected to have courage, honor, loyalty, kindness, and many other characteristics of how a perfect knight was seen such as Oliver and Theirry in the Song of Roland. A large example of how a knight was to perform his duty was when Roland attempted to fend off an ambush and allow Charlemagne from turning back and risk the death of more of his troops. As Roland and the rest of his knights attempt to fight and defend, they act on revenge for the loss of one of their own. This showed great selflessness, pride, and nobility as any ideal knight should have.
A knight is seen useless without his horse. A horse is the key to a lock for a well established knight to conquer and defeat his enemies. He must have skill and a well bound connection with his horse for optimal potential during fighting. As was stated in the Song of Roland, “When they are armed and mounted on their horses not even death can make them shy from battle” (Song of Roland 87). A horse also provides as a means of courage and support for a knight.
A knight must also act on respect and honesty such as with Theirry when he justified the truth about Ganelon when he was on trial. Theirry then goes off to fight and defeat Pinabel in righteousness and justice. Roland and his knights did well to stand in chivalry, faithfulness, and endurance. They acted upon an unspoken code of an ideal knight in all their bravery. The ideal knight cannot be in his maximum potential without two main characteristics of skills with controlling and fighting with a horse. Also, they must have the right actions of faith and respect on the battlefield with how to fight and to know what they are fighting for.


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