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Tsa-Tsas for the Stupa

A  tsa-tsa is actually a miniature Stupa.  Using a brass mold, the tsa-tsa are made of clay and have a hollow cavity into which is placed a roll of Mantras, or prayers, as well as ground juniper, medicines, and grain. Creating tsa-tsas is considered a very auspicious activity that can benefit many beings.

Over 2,500 tsa-tsas are in the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, all of which were made by volunteers .





















"Making offerings to me now and making offerings to me
in the future will produce equal merit...
This is due to the blessing power of the Buddha,
but ordinary beings cannot understand this."
--Shakyamuni Buddha

















"By prostrating before a stupa, we turn our face away from our egos and toward our enlightened nature. By circumambulating—walking around the stupa in a clockwise fashion and reciting prayers—we keep the image of enlightenment at the center of our attention'






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By Sylvia Somerville

As Buddhism makes its way into a new land, not far behind come stupas, sacred monuments that embody the enlightened mind. Stupas exist in every Buddhist country in the world—from India to Indonesia—and in every Buddhist tradition. Now that Buddhism has taken hold in the United States, stupas are becoming an architectural feature of the American landscape and places of pilgrimage for those seeking their blessings.
What are stupas?

Stupas are an ancient form of sacred architecture that represent the heart of enlightenment—not just as a form of tribute, but as a radiating presence that transmits blessings to all those who come in contact with them. If properly constructed and empowered, a stupa is like a spiritual generator, broadcasting virtue of...


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