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House Hunt

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House Hunt

House Hunt. There are 5 houses in a row. Each house has 1 pet, 1 color, 1 resident, 1 drink, & 1 vehicle.
Tim lives in the red house
Lon owns a pet dog
coffee is drunk in the green house
Hal drinks water
The green house is immediately to the right of the ivory house
The truck driver owns pet snails
A bike is parked in front of the yellow house
Tea is drunk in the middle house
Vic lives in the first house
The cadillac driver lives next to the man with the pet fox
The house with the bike is next to the house with a pet horse
The ford driver drinks pepsi
Winnie drives an MGB
Vic lives next door to the blue house

Who drinks the vodka?Who owns the pet worms?

We have perviously had a few problems which are similar to this problem, for example the prom problem. The only way to solve this problem is to just write out all the facts into a table so that it is easier to be seen as well as organized as you are going through all of the facts. Once we do this the solution is simple and we get our answer a bit easier. The answer is that Vic drinks the vodka and that Winnie has the pet worms. The solution came from this set of solutions. The first house is yellow and has a pet fox the name of the resident is vic, vic drinks vodka and has a bike. The second house is blue, has a pet horse, the residents name is Hal they drink water there and drive a cadilac. The third house is red they have a pet snail, the residents name is tim, tim drinks tea and drives a truck. In the fourth house is ivory, they have a pet dog, the residents name is Lon, they drink pepsi and drive a ford. The fifth and last house is green and has pet worms, the residents name is Winnie, the houses drink is coffee and they drive and MGB.

          Color Pet Name Drink Car
#1 Yellow Fox Vic Vodka Bike
#2 Blue Horse Hal H20 Cadilac
#3 Red Snails Tim Tea Truck
#4 Ivory Dog Lon Pepsi Ford
#5 Green Worms Winnie Coffee Mgb


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