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My Favorite Teacher

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Zebra used to have an all-black mane, with no stripes. Although, only he knew that his mane was white under. Zebra was king of the jungle. Zebra controlled the sun. The gods gave him the power to make the sun rise, and to make it set. They told him that the only side effect of the power would be: him being afraid of his own reflection. Zebra always drank water at night when no animals were awake. While approaching the water, he would close his eyes.
One morning, Zebra was gathering his food for dinner. He galloped back and forth carrying mice and grass in her mouth. Lion was walking by while scooping up tiny rodents and putting them into his mouth. Zebra saw him come closer. He was talking to himself while eating his food. “Look at me! I’m the strongest of all animals. I can do anything!” He scooped up more rodents and sucked them into his mouth.
Zebra’s head sprung up. “Is that so?” he called out to Lion. Lion stopped eating and looked around. Zebra leaped up and faced him. Lion glared at him and stated, “Yes, it’s true. Every animal is afraid of me!” Zebra smirked and asked, “If you’re so powerful, can you stop the sun from rising in the morning?” “I haven’t tried, but I’m sure I can do it. Tomorrow morning, the sun will not rise!” Lion exclaimed.
Lion lay down facing eastward and made himself comfortable in the grass. Zebra hurried back to magical burrow, laughing to himself about how wrong Bear was. “I’m the one who controls the sun! Bear will not be able to stop it from rising.” Zebra said to himself. Lion lay on the grass all night without sleeping. He saw Zebra come out for his daily drink, but wondered while he closed his eyes before reaching the water; Zebra was unaware that Lion had seen him.
Lion stood on his hind legs and raised his front paws towards the light. “The sun will not rise today”, he commanded. Zebra came up from her enchanted burrow to make the sun rise. No matter how hard Bear tried to stop the sun from rising, Zebra still made it...


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