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Here's an Introduction of Different Types of Crushers

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Jaw crusher mainly raw rough break for two broken preparation. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials or hardness of raw materials, soft materials unsuitable for crushing , the moisture content of the material requirements should not exceed 10% of the raw material moisture content is too high, jaws Yi Bo material impact crushing efficiency . Brick should be used jaw crusher in two points : First, before the material into the crusher, the material should be pre- screened out of the powder , which has a great significance for the efficiency of the crusher , these powder grain filling slots can jaw ridge between the effective ridge height is reduced, as the material on the jaw plates broken only by virtue of the pressure . Another point is to jaw crusher feeding should be possible to ensure that the material is applied along the entire width of the inlet , to ensure uniform feeding, the feeder can be particularly necessary. Hammer crusher discharge at most a fixed sieve , by structure type of vertical, horizontal , single- rotor , twin-rotor , such as several types , the user can choose the appropriate aperture to control the screen according to their needs particle size .Hammer crusher suitable for crushing brittle materials, such as coal J- rock , shale , etc., for a very hard material or sticky material is not applicable, crushing than the single rotor is generally 10-15 dual rotors up to 20 to 30 , its moisture content of the raw material requirements are very strict, generally not more than 8% , the moisture content is too high and not easy to block out the mesh material . In order to prevent non-broken , such as iron , nails , etc. fall into the crusher , you must carefully examine the added material and ensure timely non-broken removed. Winnowing hammer mill is based on the hammer crusher , the installation of a centrifugal fan ( instead of raw sieve or sieve bar ) , with the wind of elected finer powder . It combines crushing, lifting , screening...


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