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Solutions That Control Noise of Ball Mill

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Ball mills use of engineering noise control measures to control theball mill machine crushing noise generated at the output, control noise transmission andReceiving, in order to get people to the required acoustic environment, noise control is the ball mills. Ball mill machine in the crushed material can produce strong Vibration and noise, noise up to about 100 ~ 115dB .The basic noise control measures ball to take the following five key:

(1) increasing the acoustic cover. Use of steel structure, made of thin steel shell, the damping layer and fill wipe fine glass wool or other sound-absorbing materials Expected, the entire mill closed. Generated when running the ball a lot of heat, so attention must be paidwithin the heat shield and to facilitateEquipment maintenance and other matters.

(2) instead of manganese steel liner with a rubber liner, the noise level can be reduced 9dB (A), but also by the frequency spectrum into a low frequency.

(3) set the elastic layer. In the ball mill machine drum and lining the inner surface of heat-resistant soft rubber pad between the placement, the soft rubber pad to prevent overheating,In the ball mill liner and soft rubber pad 10 between the laying of a 15mm thick industrial felt, can reduce the noise to allow the standard ball Below.

(4) outside the dressing on the drum wall insulation layer. Roller ball wrapped in a layer of 50mm thick outer walls of industrial felt, thick steel to 1.smm For armor, fixed with bolts to the outside wall in the cylinder, the actual insulation value of about 12dB (A).If both ends have to do the same drum handling, drum Wall dressing do a good job sealing the joints, noise effect is also likely to increase.

(5) design of sound insulation between. When conditions permit, will focus on the special ball mill machine Ballroom, ball room will be transformed into special compartment Sound, the effect will be better than the acoustic enclosures, but must be solved in the operation of...


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