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Hamilton and Jefferson- Two Parties

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Two Parties Emerge
Differences to resolve issues facing America during George Washington's term in office resulted in the formation of two political parties. Thomas Jefferson, the Secretary of State, believed the people   should have greater control through states' rights and feared that a strong central government would lead to a nation under tyranny leadership. Supporters of Jefferson, the Republicans, believed that ability, talent, and character were the only qualities needed by elected officials. Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury, believed a powerful central government would unite the people by giving them one voice. Supporters of Hamilton's position, Federalists, believed education, wealth, and social status were necessary for elected officials as well as ability, character, and talent (CL17).
Hamilton and the Federalists wanted America to become powerful in industry, trade, and military strength. They believed the United States Constitution allowed Congress freedom to make laws that were needed if they served in the country's best interest even if not specifically spelled out in the doctrine. Members of the Federalist party tended to be wealthier, higher class, more educated, and included merchants, manufacturers, and   former loyalists. In contrast, Jefferson's party believed elected officials should qualify by their ability, talent, and character alone. They believed agriculture productivity was more important to America's economy (Devine et al. 160). The party opposed having central military forces and felt volunteer militias would serve as the best defense (V17). They believed the Constitution should be strictly interpreted, and if power was not specifically given to the central government, the power belonged to the states. Supporting the Republicans were farmers, artisans, southern planters who did not want to advance northern merchants, and immigrants who disliked Great
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Britain (CL17).
The national debt was a huge issue...


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