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Hamilton, Washington, Jackson, Adam

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Sergio “What’s wrong with this country is that we have gotten away from how this country began. We need to get back to the way it was when the founding fathers set up the constitution and established us as a democratic and cristian nation, with the people running things. Nowadays its all run by smart-assed elites who don’t listen to us anymore. We need to get back to the way it was with Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, and Jackson”
Gissel “ Why are you figiting with the chair with a pained look on yer face?”
Sergio “ I know, so tell me what’s your opinion hotshot, your taking some sort of history class right. Don’t you agree with me?”
Me “ Well they all had their similarities and differences. Alexander Hamilton, who was Secretary of the Treasury under President Washington, and John Adams, who was Vice President, wanted a strong federal government and were called Federalists. They wanted the individual states to be subject to the federal government. Thomas Jefferson, who was Secretary of State under President Washington was the leader of the antifederalists or Democratic-Republicans. They favored a government that was not too powerful. They felt that the individual states should retain power. The Federalists like Hamilton favored the interests of commerce, banking and industry over agriculture. Hamilton wanted a national bank to handle the government's financial operations. Jefferson and the antifederalists were opposed to a national bank. They favored the interests of agriculture over those of commerce, banking and industry. Jefferson wanted the new American nation to be a nation of plantations. Hamilton thought that the Constitution should be interpreted loosely to give the federal government greater powers. Jefferson thought just the opposite. The Federalists wanted close relations with Great Britain rather than France. Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans wanted close relations with France rather than Great Britain. Hamilton and Jefferson hated...


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