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Approved Contraception Methods

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FDA Approved Contraception Measures and Sterilization Procedures
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      Contraception methods are methods employed to prevent pregnancy. These methods are of two kinds, the traditional methods and modern methods, and their outcome can either be permanent or temporary. Contra is a Latin word that means against and conception means to conceive. There are various contraception and sterilization methods in the world, but the ones that have the approval of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) include; implantable rod, Intra Uterine Device (IUD) which include Copper IUD and Hormonal (Progestin) IUD, Injection, Oral contraceptives (Estrogen and progestin), Virginal contraceptive ring, male and female condoms, Emergency contraception, and Spermicide. Sterilization methods approved are Surgery or implant for women and surgery for men. All these methods are aimed at controlling birth.   (Ross et al, 2001).

Pros in support to FDA Approval

      Birth control is essential in that it helps in the control of population. Uncontrolled population can result to overpopulation which has adverse impacts in the social, economic, and environmental spheres. Overpopulation can lead to decrease in government revenues, which in turn may affect the economy of the country. Chances of compromising the per capita resource consumption are high, paving way to over-exploitation of environmental resources.

      The move by FDA to approve the use of contraceptives is appropriate and ethically right. It reduces risks of unplanned pregnancies. Teenage pregnancy is a major concern in this century because of the advancement in technology which has opened the eyes of most teenagers, exposing them to a world of all sorts of immorality. This exposure plays a major role in teenagers engaging in premarital sex, and hence early pregnancies leading to many dropping out of school.

Cons of FDA approval move

      Although the approval by...


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