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Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play?

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“ Should College Athletes Be Paid?”

Over the past few years there has been a debate on whether college athletes should be paid as if they were professional athletes. A college athlete is defined as an amateur athlete that is not paid in salary, but provided with a scholarship. Although college athletes are some of the most well known athletes in the nation, they still do not receive money for their performances. Due to the fact these players are in college, they should not be paid to play the sport they are gifted with. The reasons why are because colleges are already providing student athletes with a scholarship to play, they are students first and athletes second, and lastly, it would be unfair to those that are not athletes.

When a student-athlete is awarded with scholarship money in college, they are usually given a free ride, free room and board, or free tuition. Some athletes do not realize how much this really means. Some young men and women have to scrounge up money just to get one year of college, and then they have no idea how they are going to get back the next year. According to website “Pay College Athletes? They're Already Paid Up To $125,000 Per Year”, Dorfman mentions “Using these valuations, and adding in the value of a scholarship, a student athlete at a major conference school on full scholarship is likely receiving a package of education, room, board, and coaching/training worth between $50,000 and $125,000 per year depending on their sport and whether they attend a public or private university” (Dorfman 1). This is clear proof that college athletes all receive some sort of compensation for their efforts as an athlete. No athlete receiving this much in training and educational resources deserves extra pay on the side.

What most people forget about college athletes is that they are student athletes. Student comes first before athlete. In college, they are just like everyone else, regardless if you play a sport or not. No one gets paid...


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