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Str 581 Capstone Final Examination Part One New Question Answers

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STR 581 Capstone Final Examination, Part One

1. Because practical considerations make job tryouts for all candidates infeasible, it is necessary to __________ the relative level of job performance for each candidate on the basis of available information.
• predict          
• accept          
• assign          
• abandon
2. Some studies indicate the best approach for transformational change may have the chief executive officer create an atmosphere for change
• but let others decide how to initiate change      
• and begin establishing a vision  
• but carefully set limits for the program    
• and establish a reward system
3. Which of the following is a desirable strategy for managers aiming to reduce the negative consequences of rumors?        
• Initiating disciplinary action against the employee who started the rumor  
• Encouraging employees to communicate their concerns and suggestions
• Creating a more informal communication environment at the workplace    
• Refusing to comment on issues that appear to be controversial and unfair

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4. A project can be segmented into which of the following?          
• Work packages        
• Success markers    
• Sub-jobs      
• Events
5. Which of the following is an element that addresses elimination of waste under lean production?          
• Group plant loading technology  
• Minimized run times          
• Production ahead of demand      
• Kanban production control system
6. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 offered what for victims of unintentional discrimination?    
• race norming          
• adverse impact        
• affirmative action    
• monetary damages and jury trials

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7. Active listening requires:          
• summarizing all areas of the performance-interview feedback discussion.
• verbal communications only...


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