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The Germans and the non-Jewish world treated the Jewish people horribly.   They looked for freedom, growth, and a better government after World War I.   Instead, Jews became prisoners of their own country in Germany.   They were put into concentration camps even though they helped Germany by fighting in World War I.   Everyone used Jews as scapegoats through many crisis such as the black plague.

In the video, we learned about horrible events accounted by the Jews.   Personally, I think the most horrible act is the burning of the synagogues.   Jewish people would be locked into the synagogues while Nazi soldiers, armed with flame-throwers, set it on fire. The population of the Jews greatly declined as Germans tried to genocide the whole race. They had to essentially start life over. Most of them lost a close relative or at least knew someone who died in the gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps. This has put a psychological strain on Jewish survivors or no longer having family and friends with them for support.

Hitler's Anti-Semitism policy contributed to the killing of Jews.   Not only did Adolf Hitler use it as a policy, but also a religion for the super race to abide by.   He made propaganda films and speeches to force people to hate Jews.   This psychologically impacted many Nazis that contributed to the Holocaust.   Ignorance in Germany led to the mass killing of hundreds of Jewish people.   Thus, the Nazis killed the Jews out of full hate that was spread by Hitler.


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