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Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? Schools Should Use Computers as a Tool of Education for Children Aged 4 to 7

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Thanks to the invention of computer, people experienced and enjoyed the rapid development of our society it brought about. Some people today claim that schools should not use computers as a tool of education for children aged four to seven, for they are too young to be suitable for learning this skill. However, I believe that this is a popular misunderstanding. Children should master this useful skill as early as possible, for it eventually will benefit their future work, study and life.

Nowadays, our work cannot normally be carried out without computer. Computer now is needed everywhere, covering all the professional fields. Without computer, satellites cannot be sent into outer space monitoring the changes of atmosphere surrounding the earth; cars are not able to be assembled automatically and make profits for the car industry; medical equipments in hospitals are unlikely to be normally run to diagnose and treat patients. Despite these big professional fields, computer also makes necessary contribution to some small aspects. Employees need to communicate with their bosses through email every day, and hold video conferences with their clients for the business. Therefore, we can see that computer plays an indispensable role in our work.

Computer is a powerful tool for students to increase their knowledge. In order to gain upper hand when hunting for job after graduation, students today need to have more resources to learn more knowledge, and it turns out that internet can provide precious resources to meet their increasing needs. When students are doing researches in universities, they need to stay on the cutting-edge, constantly checking the updated research progress in their fields around the world. In the past, the resources of acquiring new information related to their researches are very limited. The only resource they can turn to for help is academic journal in library, not to mention that these academic journals are periodically updated at very low...


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