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Career Goals

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I have thought about my career goals for a couple of years now. I guess because now I am getting older and I have a daughter now that my life goals that I used to set for myself I need to start putting into action. I always envisioned when I was making my plans to become a doctor or a nurse! I now see I don't have the tolerance to deal with what the nurses have to deal with so I decided that if I could find another position in the medical field that I would be okay with my plan, I was able to find that with medical coding and billing and I have to say I really enjoy it!
I also have more goals when I graduate from Antonelli College, I already work at a doctor's office where I am getting the extra knowledge already besides the college training on medical coding and billing, plus the doctor that I work for is very helpful and he is mentoring me to make sure that I am understanding the medical terms and making sure that I am getting medically savvy!!
Isn't it interesting how much our thoughts, minds change from what we wanted to be when we were kids to adults? I believe when I was a child that I wanted to be McDonald's spokesperson LOL I don't even know where I got that from, now of course as I got older and I developed more interests, my goals started to change and become more realistic. I guess it's just the mind of a innocent little girl who believes that I could be anything that I wanted to be even if that goal or dream doesn't make sense to others or myself!
I am hoping when I graduate from school I can start working on my next career goal


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