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Life in a Love Style Analysis

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In the poem, "Life in a Love" by Robert Browning, the tones of adoration and rejection reflect how the narrator feels about the woman he loves. The narrator is absolutely willing to do anything for their love, or demonstrate just how much he loves her. The woman, however, does not seem to have a mutual feeling about their relationship.
The author's diction highlights his determination and desperation to please his love. The narrator is "the loving" who "must...pursue" his "fate". The man loves the woman very much, while it seems she does not love him as much. He sees loving her as a duty to keep her happy and tend to her needs or wants. If he does not do so, he would not see his life as being fulfilled.   However, if he were to "scarce succeed" and "fail of [his] purpose," he would "get up and begin again." The man will try his hardest to do anything her heart desires. It seems, though, that he would put much more effort if he does not satisfy her. It is as if he is like a jester that is constantly trying to entertain or humor the king to keep his job. The narrator is a hopeless romantic that is extremely infatuated with his lover and wants to keep it that way.
The details in the poem describes why and what he will do to prevent her from leaving him. "Escape me?/ Never—/ Beloved!/ While I am I, and you are you/ So long as the world contains us both..." As long as they are both together, he will prevent them from ever being apart. His ambitions and faith for their relationship are over enthusiastic. " It is but to keep the nerves at strain,/ To dry one's eyes and laugh at a fall,/ And, baffled, get up and begin again,—" He will do whatever it takes to keep her smiling and not unhappy. He will continue doing such acts as long as they remain in a relationship with each other. The details indicate that nothing will stop him from loving her.
The poem's syntax elaborates the narrator's emotions as he speaks to the woman he loves and how incoherent he is. In the...


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