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Reverend John Hale
666 Heavens Gate
Salem, Massachusetts

May 14, 1692

Holy Trinity Association
Bishop Bob
345 Towns Gate Ave.,
Boston Massachusetts

Dear Bishop Bob,
I am writing to you regarding Reverend Parris. He has been working in Salem for over 2 years now and I do not have many good things to say about him. Mr. Parris is an incompetent man to fit for his position.
Mr. Parris is one of the greediest men I have ever meet he always wants more and more and wont quit until we give him what he wants. On separate occasions he has asked me for a raise in his pay and has tried to take money we give him for other things than his salary such as wood and keep it. He also noticed golden candlesticks in the church and preached for twenty weeks about them, he only stopped because we couldn’t take any more of his badgering and gave him the candlesticks.
His greed is not the only problem. As you know a Reverend has to hold him self at a higher standard than others but in Mr. Parris’s case this is not so he gets into mindless arguments with people in the church. Also it is not a secret that Mr. Parris is not that fond of Mr. Proctor because of his reputation and has actually tried to embarrass him in front the church.
To me his actions through out the years have not been up to the standards that I want for a reverend and I think the we could find someone more qualified and better for are community than reverend Parris.

Sincerely John Hale


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