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Learning in Psych 131

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This class was honestly one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken. I will use these skills wherever I go and far into the future. I realize that I am not alone in this new college environment and I always have places to turn to for help. I have learned that I need to keep an eye on myself better so that I can keep myself on track.
The first problem I had when I entered into this class was motivation. I did not have the motivation to study, to do homework, or to even go to class. I’ve always had a problem with self-motivation, but it seemed to have escalated when there was no one around to push me. It took my first semester grades to finally put it into perspective. Once I realized I had to do something about it I decided to turn to the school for answers. They offered me this class because they knew that it would help me to better analyze my mistakes. The section about setting goals was a very big help in helping to motivate myself into doing things. I mentally told myself to set small goals that I knew I could achieve easily and then I would give myself a small reward for doing so. I worked great! Now that I do not have a problem with doing every day school activities I am ready to see my GPA skyrocket.
Another problem I noticed myself having was time management. I would sit down to watch a movie when I knew that I had a big assignment due the next day and then I would have to stay up all night to work on it. I started doing this multiple times a week and then my classes starting to get affected. I would go to them, fall asleep, and then wake up when it was done. Then I started telling myself that if I was just going to sleep, there wasn’t a point in going. So I stopped going to classes and then I didn’t hand in assignments. It all just snowballed because of lousy time management. This class told me what I already knew, but it made me realize that I needed to follow a plan to be successful. It has helped me to complete assignments on time and, with...


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