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The Crusades - Essay 2

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The cross that appears on the shield was common during the Crusades as it represented God and the righteous beliefs with which the Crusaders fought their campaign. Note however that in the centre of the shield there appears a crest or insignia. This was to identify the knight to his allies in battle.
By Mr Yelland www.SchoolHistory.co.uk

Richard I (Richard the Lionhearted) -- In 1198, his great seal bore a single rampant lion, but his shield was "Gules three lions passant guardant," the three lions reportedly representing England, Normandy, and Aquitaine. The same arms continued for John, Henry III, Edward I, and Edward II.

In this section of work you will learn the following things:
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What a crusade was; About Muhammad and the Muslims; About the First Crusade. Crusade.

What was a crusade?
Crusade comes from the Latin word crux, meaning a ‘cross’. It referred to the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified and to go on a crusade meant going to fight for Christ. In 1100, it meant going to fight the Muslims in the Holy Land, around Jerusalem, where Christ had lived.

Muhammad and Muslims
Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca in AD 570. He founded a great religion and his followers were called Muslims. Some of his followers were warlike and over the next few hundred years they captured land around the Mediterranean Sea. In AD 637, the Muslims captured the city of Jerusalem, which was a holy city to Christians because Christ had lived and died in that area. Q1. How does the word crusade get its name? Q2. What was a crusade? Q3. What were Muhammad’s followers called? Q4. What happened in 1071?

For a long time, the Muslims allowed Christian to visit Jerusalem as pilgrims, and many thousands made the journey from Europe. Then, in 1071, a group of fanatical Turkish Muslims captured Jerusalem. They would not tolerate Christians and began to ill-treat them.

Pope Urban II calls for a crusade – See Source 1
Pope Urban...


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