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Hitler 2

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Hitler’s Rise to Power from 1920 - 1933

Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power as the attractive alternative to the weak Weimar government.

The Weimar government was discredited from the start as it accepted the humiliating Versailles Treaty leading to the Nazi’s myth of being the “November Criminals”. Hitler concocted the “stab-in-the-back” theory to discredit the Weimar government by accusing them of signing the armistice though the military had actually arranged it.

The system of proportional representation resulted in formation of many indecisive coalitions, leading to the government’s inability to enforce law and order such as in the Spartacist Uprising, where it had to rely on a private force, the Freikorps, to quell the uprising. There was a traditional lack of respect towards the inexperienced democratic government among Germans and they recognised the military as Germany’s rightful rulers.

The post-war economic problems also contributed to the government’s lack of support. After the war, Germany was almost bankrupt by the reparations and the war costs. The 1923 French invasion of the Ruhr led to hyperinflation. The working classes and middle classes were the worst hit and they turned to the Nazis.

In 1919, the Nazi Party was formed   with Hitler as its leader. The party’s nationalistic aims mainly   destroy the Versailles Treaty, unite the Germans under the 3rd Reich and establish eastern lebensraum appealed to many.

He organised storm trooper (SA) regiments to break up other party meetings. This brutality and his mass rallies appealed to many people. Encouraged by his rising popularity, and Mussolini’s successful March on Rome, he started the Beer Hall Putsch at Munich in 1923. On 8th November, he rushed into a Beer Hall and announced a national revolution. The next day, he and General Ludendorff...


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