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How to Be a Qualified College Student

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How to Be a Qualified College Student

    In present age, entering college is becoming a major step in any individual’s life. However, it cannot be denied that some study habits and academic qualities do not measure up the college’s learning methods. Thus, how to be a qualified college student is discussing widespread in the public. Three traits that make a good college student are described further in this essay.
    To begin with, what I believe the most essential factor of a qualified college student is to be prepared. As we all know, college students have vast assignments to do, especially those sophomores and juniors. Therefore, having preparedness can help a student learn faster in class and remember firmer after class. It is reported that students who were prepared for the classes get 12.4% higher scores in the final tests than those did not preview the courses. Besides, a qualified individual also plans ahead, sometimes even months in advance. For instance, he will write down a complete schedule and clear expected goals at the beginning of the semester and also he adds new tasks into his plan continuously in order not to forget important details. Making such a schedule can help students do things orderly.
    Secondly, be persistent. That is to say good students never give up easily. Instead of escaping, they will stick on it, no matter the ending is satisfactory or frustrating, at least they have tried. This can be evidently exemplified by the fact that a good college student never fails to attend classes even though the courses are becoming increasingly complicated or uninteresting while the other ones skip classes with various excuses. Another appropriate example is a story of my roommate, an excellent girl, who was persistently working at a complex math question for two nights before a test whilst most of us gave it up after doing it for minutes. Finally, in the test, very few students worked it out including her. All these show that if a person...


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