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Roman Bath

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Roman baths and leisure
The history of the Roman bath began during the height of the Roman Empire. Ancient Roman baths served many community and social functions within Roman society. Roman emperors mostly built the entertainment for their citizens. A number of such baths actually built at different times by different emperors for more quality of life and their own citizens. Roman people usually did not have hot bath in their houses because it was hard to heat up the water. And people who lived in the cities had to live in small apartment, often a whole family in one room, and so they did not have room for bath or any yard to exercise in. So instead they used to go to public baths.

By the second century AD, public baths had grown in size and variety. The bath was also most popular entertainment that citizen usually go to buy some food or fruit. They also getting clean and business meeting. There are many facilities and activities in the history of roman civilization. There was completely have shopping mall, music hall, fitness, medical surgeries, game room, large assemblies, libraries and so on

Roman architecture of bath was the achievement of Romans engineering and construction skills. They perfectly innovated and use of material such as cement or vaulted ceiling and the walls were decorated with marble and frescoes1 (the art or technique of painting on a moist, plaster surface with colors ground up in water or a limewater mixture.) The main purpose of built the bath and other entertainments were to satisfy the needs of the growing population in that area.
1 Fagan, Garrett G. Bathing in Public in the Roman World. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2002

          Around the year 200 AD,   the Bath of Caracalla was built by ancient roman and its size was 10 or 11 hectare. Architecture of roman baths was extremely decorated with luxurious materials for covering the bath. There were also have the slaves to accommodate the...


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