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Caitlynn Pinal
Ms. Tripp
AP Language and Composition
Fall Semester Final

In Author Miller’s The Crucible, themes such as the importance of courage and integrity are clearly present. Other present themes are the influence of fear and paranoia brought on by the Salem village’s distraught state.
In one scene of the play, the courage of Giles Corey is shown as he bears the weight of one of the traditional deaths by stone pressing. This heartless death was sentenced to Mr. Corey because he would not give the name of the man who had accused Thomas Putnam of using his daughter to falsely accuse people of witchcraft and then buying their land when they were either executed or imprisoned. Another man who showed courage was John Proctor, who was accused of witchcraft. He was begged by his wife and Reverend John Hale to confess so he would not be executed. He signed the document denouncing his compact with the devil, but as Rebecca Nurse was being shackled and taken away to her execution, he ripped the document and chooses death. I do not believe it was his pride that made him do this, but to show the residents of the village just how wrong and unjust the entire Salem Witch Trial was.   Courage, bravery, and honor were a part of anyone who faced an unfair death for being accused of witchcraft and still refused to admit of being a witch. Worse were those who accused the innocent to take possession of property that was not rightfully theirs. Thomas Putnam is the perfect example of this type of person. Cowardly, conniving, and spineless are only a few words that begin to describe Mr. Putnam’s actions. He used his only daughter to accuse innocent people just so he could buy their land when they were imprisoned or executed.
There are many more themes in The Crucible, and these few examples only begin to touch on the nightmare the Salem village went through. With the few people who had courage to stand up for what was right and good, the Salem village was able to recover...


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