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New Year Eve on Thames

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New Year Eve on the thames

From where I stood, I had the St Paul’s   at my back and the Tower Bridge on the opposite   end. The place was decorated   likea bride ready to walk down the aisle. The december weather   could have   bothered the people and made them stay indoors but Londoners could’nt care less about it. I had to walk down to the other   end to reach the front of the london eyewhere the fireworks were suppose d to take place. I paced swiftly down the path , drinking in the view in its glory, everything around me had taken a life of its own and shining anew. There was still half an hour to go and time seemed to have stopped. A   new year.A new beginning. I had a strong feeling of guilt as I realised I had lost yet another   year doing nothing important. Guess I had the same feeling every year .
The crowd was doubling in minutes, making it harder to walk through. Despite all the boisterous noise, the walk was one of the most peaceful time I had ever   had , soaking in the architecture and the ambience of the city. The café’s along the banks of the Thames were bursting with people or rather the whole city was full of people from around the world, gathered together   to enjoy a   galvanic celebration. The Houses of parliament and the Big Ben were even more stimulated. The Big Ben, hanging with its patience   on a thread, waiting to sing the chime of midnight.
I was almost there,nearing the London Eye, I could make out the lights on the wheel, amoung the dark sky but I was indeed in for a surprise.I knew I would wake up and realize it was all a dream. I could be anywhere but here. It was incredible. The grand wheel, lighted with a thousand lights filling the sky, thus forming a magnificent scenery. The London Eye looked like a soverign ruling the Thames and everything around it. The space was becoming more jam packed and it was more of a “ make your way out” rather than a walk by the river.The dark river was aglow with multitudinous lights reflecting from the...


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