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New Years

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Forty-five percent of Americans make New Years resolutions every year, did you know that only eight percent actually successfully achieve their resolutions? Almost everyone in their life time makes a New Years resolution or several but very few to none actually follow through with their goal. It's 2014, new year new you. Making resolutions on the new year is like an American tradition, make this years resolution actually happen.
            This year I plan to procrastinate less with my school work. Procrastination is with me wherever I go and I can seem to shake it. I plan on doing work when I get it and not the day it is due or the day before it is due. Every project or assignment I get I put it off until the last minute and it causes me to stress out. Procrastinating less will be a difficult thing to achieve but I will Definitely be trying. I tend to do other things such as staying up late on social media.
At night I tend to stay up for hours on social media or watching YouTube videos. I get sucked in for hours and I don't even realize it until I check the time. I'm so tired in the mornings waking up for school and it is really hard to focus in class. I'm making it a goal to go to sleep earlier and put my phone away. Being sleep deprived every day also impacts my grades poorly.
When I stay up late every night I tend to not think about school the next day or study. My grades suffer from my poor choices. This year it will be a goal of mine to try harder in school and improve my grades tremendously. I would love to make all A's but keeping it all A's and B's will work just fine. Every year I make New Years resolutions and never follow through with them so achieving these three goals will happen.
New Years is a time to make resolutions and make yourself a better person. These are hard to achieve but they are very possible to achieve. With enough effort and hard work put into your goals you could Definitely make them happen. Making resolutions on the new year...


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