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I’m an easygoing person, dealing with my personal matters a bit at a time. I like doing things in my own tempo, taking things at a slow phase. Still, I’m quite easily irritated, and one of the things that irritate me the most is joggers, always trying to get from A to B as fast as possible, but without puffing out anything harmful to the environment. They are trying to save the world, a bit at a time, but it won’t work. Not at all. Also, running is got to be the most boring activity in the world.

In all honesty, I can’t see how billions of people can stand to run every day. I can’t stomach either runners or the act of running. Getting sweaty and exhausted, it’s just not my thing. I do enjoy peaceful walks in the woods once in a while, but every time I walk past a runner, or a power hiker, I feel sick. Not only because of the horrible stench they produce, but also because of their tight, revealing sports wear.

I do not take pleasure in watching the immensely perceptible contour of a middle aged man with a poor body and legs so hairy, it could be classified as pelt. Nevertheless, he does take pleasure in showing off his somewhat below average body to the public, as he runs along, with his tight shorts and pink sports jacket, which seems to originate from the eighties. Of course, he is listening to music. The whole world is constantly listening to music these days. Whether it’s on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or iPlump, it’s always a tune playing in ones ears. Some people can’t live without music constantly terrorizing them, which is quite an impressive feat, as most of the ear plugs used for listening is as unpleasant as trying to force screws into ones ears.

One thing I’ve noticed numerous times with these joggers is that they never stop to rest. At least, that’s what I thought for some time. A couple of weeks back, I made an extraordinary discovery: Joggers only run when you watch them. This after observing the horribly ugly jogger in pink, I found it impressive...


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