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Mandatory Essay

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Lebanese International University
Name Hanan Ibrahim Sleiman            
Freshman year  
Date 26-03-2012
Instructor Rana Ramieh
English 151- spring 2011-2012
Assigment1. What do you think was the greatest s Frank McCourt obstacle? How did he overcome it?

    Frank McCourt had obstacles in life; the greatest obstacle was lack of courage to tell the truth about his past. His early life was so poor but it just beginning then he returned to United States and he started to teach in Seward Park high school where students made interrogation to him
and made him to tell everything about his past. He felt shame when he told to his students that he did not go to high school but he loves reading and writing the the teaching was his bigger dream that s why he became teacher. He began to tell things for students and it made him to be a teacher and taught something to student by telling about his past .the poverty was not one of the problems but it just affected his life in such way that he challenged it but he had no courage to tell the past then just hide it then he told the students about his life. He had unfinished book in which he wrote and with it, he started to teach how to write but he did not have self confidence ,later he began to do creative writing and by way he said that everyone has a story to tell .by time he was encouraged by his students to write his book that remained unfinished. After that , he said to students, everyone has story to tell ,write what you know in your conviction from heart saying that find your own voice and dance your own dance , it is just words that made his students to give a courage and hope to live his life and realize his dreams. His obstacle was overcame by his courage s students. In the end of overcoming, he became loved and admired by his students and   he realized to publish his book and gained Pulitzer price. Frank McCourt had many obstacles to overcome and everyone has difficulties in life but it should have courage and...


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