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12/13/11                     JOIN CONFEDERATION

By joining confederation we will reseave more money for our colony and keep other colonies traditions.
By joining confederation our colony would make lots of money. In Saint John, Newbrunswick we are making an ice-free year round shipping port for the British merchant ships, which will bring the province lots of money to build more ships or to open up more ship repair facilitys. We will also exspand coal trade to the west so we can reseave more money, furs, or other useful iteams from the trade. When we complete building the railroad conecting the antlancic to western colonys will also bring goods and building matterals.
By entering into confederation we'll protect other colonies traditions and belifies. When joing confederation we will protect the french language so it can be used for other generations. We are also gonna protect the roman cathlic church traditions because it is good to belive in god and to have the kids be able to worthship somone. We will be also using the civil law system to determine the right and the wrong towards crimes made.
The conservitives need a 3rd party to win confederation. The conservitives have 50% of the seats. They also have soport from the Le Parti Bleu but it is not enough to win confederation. They need a 3rd party to break the dead lock because right now they only have 50% of the seats and they need about 60-70% of the seats to win.
Our colony and other colonys will defenatly benefit from entering confederation.. If we do enter into confederation we will make our colonies richer and keep colony traditions.

By: Steven Hill


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