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Confederation Essay

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Confederation was the hopes and dreams of a few politicians who worked hard to make it a reality. (Cranny, 1999, p.73) After years of existing as small, separate colonies relying on Britain to support them, it was time for the colonies to unite and become a Confederation. Confederation was the union of the colonies of British North America. (Cranny, 1999, p.73) Confederation was achieved on July 1st, 1867. Confederation was advantageous for the provinces as it prevented possible threats of annexation and attacks form the US, it created a stable economy, and it helped to improve the system of government.
Confederation helped stop the Americans from possibly attacking or annexing parts of British North America. Fears of possible American annexation were each passing day especially after American politicians, began making speeches about the idea of “manifest destiny” which was the destiny of the US incorporating all of the British North America. Canada quickly realized that something needed to be done to fend off American interests. All this time, the colonies had weak defences and to further exacerbate the problem, the US had more soldiers than the combined population of all the colonies. Also, the American Civil War had recently come to an end. (Cranny, 1999, p.76) As Cranny states, “Moreover, Britain had angered the Northern States by supporting the South during the war. Many wondered if the North would retaliate by invading Canada.” (1999, p.77) After the American Civil War, a group of Irish American soldiers known as the Fenians planned to invade and attack Canada to get back at Britain for both supporting the South, and according to them causing the potato famine. They “launched an unsuccessful raid against the New Brunswick border.” (Cranny, 1999, p.83) “The Fenian attacks convinced many people including the Maritimers that the US threat to Canada was real.” (Cranny, 1999, p.83) John A. Macdonald then used these raids to gather support for Confederation. He...


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