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How Returning School Can Improve Our Life

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How returning school can improve our life
  We all came into this world hungry to learn.   We were curious about everything in the world around us.   Our curiosity allowed us to learn about our immediate environment when we were very young, and about the world at large when we went to school.   Taking a class, whether at a community college or other educational institution, is one way to feed your curiosity.   In addition, taking classes new can help us gain and maintain skills and professional contacts.   Learning helps us remain vital and an integral part of the world around us.   These days students come in all types, from all walks of life and in all ages—from eighteen to eighty and perhaps beyond.
  Job skills
  Taking a class can help hone existing skills or allow us to learn new job skills.   In this economy, the job market is increasingly competitive. It takes better skills to get and keep a job.   In order to remain competitive within your field or current place of employment, it is a good idea to continue to add new skills or to prefect your current skills.
  If you are looking to make a wholesale career change, taking a class can give you a taste of what it might be like to work in a different field.   Certainly, if you are looking to make a drastic career change, a return to school is likely necessary to gain basic skills for that career change.
  Taking classes is one way to increase to professional network.   Networking is an important tool in most careers.   It allows you to make and keep professional contacts.   A learning environment will allow you to make a connection with the person or persons teaching the class as well as with other students.   These same people may prove invaluable when you are looking for a job or looking to increase your business.
  Self Exploration
  School is an excellent environment for self exploration.   Take the time to take a creative writing course or a psychology course or any course that strikes your...


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