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Advantage of Being Rich

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the question of why do people want to be rich is a pretty simple question. i'm sure people would have no trouble answering this question in a little seconds. a nice house, car, clothes, shoes, jewelry, a yacht or maybe even a jet are some of the thing people seem to think of first when they think of being rich. maybe some people want being rich to live comfortably. you will notice from your 'want' list when you think of being rich, it is advantages of being rich.
first, you have a much greater selection of stuff to buy. lots of stuff, pretty stuff, shiny stuff, new stuff, stuff that's more expensive than their neighbor's stuff, stuff that makes other people stare at them with envy.you have a greater selection of ways to have fun with life.You can have a golf course, swimming pool, .. the hobby to spend a lot of money
second, you can sit back and relax carefree while people struggle from the recession. you dont worry about dismissal pay. you never have to get a job you don't like.
third, if u are super rich, people will listen to you, since they would admire your success.No one will interrupt you, they appreciate each of your opinion
But being rich has several disadvantages. without control over your spending, become a victim of being rich and spend yourself back to being poor. at that stage, you would be worse off than many poor people out there.

not only that, the rich will make you become more selfish, do not care about relatives and think only of what makes them feel comfortable. I’m willing to bet almost no one, when they become to be rich, they want build a hospital for their city. Even less will think, I can help people who never even had a chance of living till the age of 10. Very few ever think initially about using their wealth to help elderly people who can’t help themselves. The truth is most people, when they want or become to be rich, they will simply think about all the “stuff” they could buy.

I think money is the root of external...


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