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How to Handle with Sliding of Hopper About Bucket Hoist?

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Including bucket elevator belt bucket elevator, plate chain bucket elevator and chain bucket elevator etc, are widely adopted in agricultural products processing plant and grain bureau, a vertical lifting equipment, has a large hoisting height, improve stability, cover an area of an area small, and the advantages of good sealing, suitable for delivery of powder and small block material.

Bucket elevator is the use of hopper wheel friction torque between the shaft and head with material for elevator, it pushed hopper belt tension is not enough, will cause the hopper with skid. At this time, should immediately stop, adjust the tension device to tighten hopper.If tensioning device cannot make hopper with fully tension, tensioning device's schedule is too short, should be to adjust. The correct solution is: solve hopper with joint, make the tensioning device on the bottom wheel to switch to the highest position, take hopper by the elevator into the nose, through the first round and round, and the front is good, will make hopper with tension without tension.Then make the tensioning device fully tension.The tensioner adjusting screw untapped tension itinerary should not be small 50% of the whole trip.

In addtion, the bucket hoist overload hoist overload, torque increase, cause the hopper with skid.At this time should reduce the material feeding amount, and strive to feed evenly.If reduce the feeding amount, still cannot improve the skid, sit inside material accumulation is too much or may be machine hopper being stuck, mentor should stop check, troubleshooting.

What's more, the first round of the shaft and hopper with the inner surface light prick wheel shaft and hopper with the inner surface is too smooth, reduce the friction between the two, cause the hopper with skid. At this time, but in the shaft and inside the hopper with a layer of adhesive, coating to increase the friction. And head and bottom wheel bearing hangs head chakras and bottom wheel bearing in...


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