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Federalists Essay

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Thanasi Asimakopoulos Mr Parascos
Period 3 History

There were many great leaders that were federalists such as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. Although, there were other leaders that were anti-federalists like Thomas Jefferson. Federalists believed that a stronger federal government was needed to keep everything in balance and make our nation stronger. Anti-federalists thought a stronger central government would be better by eliminating restricting states’ rights, limiting democracy and destroying the work of the revolution.
Federalists were known to be merchants and businessman while anti-federalists were usually small farmers. After the revolutionary war, people didn’t know what to decide after colonial experience with Britain. They didn’t know if it was acceptable to have a central government. Federalists on the other hand, brought unity to the country and all the states that were separated. Each state was able to be independent after federalist’s ideals were revealed. Each state was centered on their own interests / problems and the federal government was so weak at one point. The call to amend the constitution was needed and all the states believed that having a federal government was not beneficial. The federalist party was also organized, unlike the anti-federalist party and it also shows that federalist party had concern for the whole country instead of just one state.
Federalist policies were keeping the country under control as one of the favorable leaders; Alexander Hamilton proposed a financial program. The financial program supported having a strong central government by establishing new ideas such as a national bank, paying off national debts and a tax on imports or exports. Anti- federalists feared this program as they thought it would increase the national government’s power. Anti-federalists attacked federalists for supporting/favoring the rich while neglecting the poor. It then came to conclusion that Hamilton’s...


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