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Ancient China

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Politics of the Sui Dynasty: The 29 year Sui Dynasty built the Grand Canal and began the restoration of the Great Wall. This required over-taxation of the peasants. A rebellion in 618 ended the dynasty. The country returned to a focus on establishing a legal code.
The political structure has endured. A central government system united China under a new system. Political unity returned as nomads and nobility were brought together under state control and the bureaucracy was rebuilt. (Craig, et al, 2010). The central government was known as the “System of Three Cabinets and Six Departments” (Sui Dynasty, n.d.). The three cabinets were a legislative policy making branch, a deliberation branch and an executive branch. Departments covered other political needs (personnel, income, formal procedures, justice and the law, and the political workings of the government).The Sui government has been the framework for all governmental systems which have followed. The complicated local governmental systems needed simplification. In addition, terms of office and residency requirements were determined for local officials.
Society of the Sui Dynasty: With the ruling nomads, scholars and scholarly pursuits had been unpopular. The Sui Dynasty brought back education and appreciation of the arts.
Economics of the Sui Dynasty: Responsibility with regards to taxes, land ownership, the census, and standardization of the value of the money strengthened the economy.
Politics of the Tang Dynasty: Military force helped the Tang Dynasty to extend the empire’s borders and influence. Power was shared by the scholarly-elite and imperial families (Craig, et al, 2010) and imperial unity was restored reducing aristocratic rule. A Bureau of Censors was established to oversee all officials. Advancements for civil service were done by examination. Emphasis was placed on knowledge of Chinese literature and Confucian classics.
Society of the Tang Dynasty: Wise governing, national strength,...


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